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Altacrest is excited to announce Andy Hollon, former COO of YETI Coolers, has joined the board of Big Blanket Co

“Big Blanket Co designs, markets, and sells the ‘biggest, best blankets in the world.’ Founder Bryan Simpson and his team have built a great company rooted in phenomenal products that are supported by an authentic and compelling brand. When combined with the loyal fan base they’ve cultivated, the Big Blanket Co story really resonated with me and my experience at YETI. Bryan and his team have a big opportunity in front of them, and I’m excited to play...

Are your sales channels helping or hurting your business valuation?

Consumer product business owners and entrepreneurs pursuing growth face a number of important decisions. Often, the product path seems clear: an idea for a product (or family of products) that the entrepreneur knows is an “item”, one that he or she is certain has significant market potential. And the market response, whether early in the company’s life cycle, or perhaps over time, is validating this thesis. However, where the product is sold – your sales channels –...

Consumer Brand Categories: Covid Winners and Losers

Now over a year into the Covid pandemic in the United States, everyone is weary of Covid related news.  Covid has severely impacted every aspect of our daily lives.  Now, with hope on the horizon in the form of increased availability of vaccinations, there is also cause for concern, with Covid variants and new infections on the rise. We have written before about how eCommerce brands have fared better than in-store brands during Covid, due...

Maxine Clark and Bryant Ambelang Join Altacrest Portfolio Company Boards

Altacrest is excited to announce Bryant Ambelang has joined the board of Barton Watch Bands and Maxine Clark has joined the board of Big Dot of Happiness. Both are proven leaders and we greatly appreciate their willingness to share their time and expertise with the teams at Barton and Big Dot! About Maxine Clark Maxine Clark is the Founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop®, a teddy-bear themed retail-entertainment experience. Founded in 1997, there are over 500 Build-A-Bear...

Post-Founder Growth Strategies

Is your new partner the right partner to take your business to the next level? A founder who is considering a potential acquisition partner in the sale of his/her growing eCommerce brand usually needs to answer the question “which partner will invest in my business, help me make tough decisions, and grow it to its potential?” Why is this important? After all, the founder has already sold a controlling interest, the money is in the...