Our approach is defined by the following key elements:

Long term view: Altacrest’s partners have completed over $3 billion of investments during their 20+ year careers.   Experience has taught us to not make decisions to achieve short term results. Rather, we believe in long term partnerships with capital sources, with vendors, and with management teams. We believe sustainable operating plans create the most value.

Partnering with management teams:  The right owner/operator knows their company the best.  We seek to integrate our areas of expertise – capital, strategy, relationships – with those of management to pursue intelligent, profitable growth. We are not seeking to operate businesses after closing.  Instead, we collaborate with management teams, providing them with the financial, operational and human resources to grow their business.

Capital structure: Executing sound operating plans creates more value than financial engineering. We believe in sufficient equity levels so that management can pursue sales and profits, which will lead to sustainable free cash flow.