Investment Profile


Altacrest targets investments in Consumer Products (extensive experience in eCommerce) and Business Services companies, typically with a minimum EBITDA of $2 million. During our investment process, we aim to align risks and incentives with management teams to pursue intelligent, profitable growth. We utilize our own operating background as well as other operating partner relationships to provide industry and financial expertise for our companies.

Our primary job is to create an operating and financial environment for management to freely pursue intelligent opportunities that will benefit our companies in the long run. We are not driven by short term decisions, instead focusing on building sustainable value.


  • Minimum EBITDA of $2 million
  • Strong free cash flow characteristics
  • Compelling organic growth
  • Controlling ownership opportunity


  • Consumer and Branded products – focused on non-food and beverage branded products that have demonstrated the ability to be a leader in their niche category. Especially attracted to opportunities where our expertise in eCommerce can augment sales growth.
  • Business to Business services – focused on outsourced services to Consumer Products businesses and outsourced Human Resource services.


  • Buyouts – Provide capital necessary to complete the purchase of a company.
  • Recapitalizations – Allow an owner to have a liquidity event while maintaining an equity position to profit from growth and expansion.
  • Shareholder Transitions – Facilitate changes in the shareholder base to provide a company with new capital, leadership and strategic direction to achieve its potential.